the SPECIAL INTEREST group brings a new rhythm to songs of hope & struggle ….
Infusing songs from civil rights, gospel, folk and protest movements with elements of folk, blues, rock, R&B, jazz, reggae & ska.

Always #conscious

  • in the lyrics
  • in the stories
  • in the groove

the SPECIAL INTEREST group is re-discovering and re-creating a repertoire which celebrates the power of song.

… soothe your soul … fire up your spirit … stand up for your rights!

the SPECIAL INTEREST group performs brand new versions of classics and little-known gems, and generates a dialogue of songs with a unique series of medleys and mashups.
– The Buffalo Springfield hit For What it’s Worth dances to the ska groove of the Gaylads’ Peace & Love & Understanding
– International Women’s Day anthem Bread and Roses becomes a newly inspiring ode to feminist struggles
– Bob Dylan’s Masters of War gets a boost from Horace Silver’s Señor Blues
– Patti Smith’s People Have the Power turns into a stirring and poetic soliloquy
– The insight of David Byrne’s Listening Wind meets with Bruce Cockburn’s call to arms, If I Had a Rocket Launcher
– Canadian troubadour Ian Tamblyn’s Village becomes a breathtaking lament about urban ‘development’ with the help of Pat Metheny’s (Across the) Heartland
The Call Up by The Clash joins forces with Edwin Starr’s 70’s classic, War

Conscious lyrics and danceable grooves.
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Rebecca Campbell  –  Vocals  Guitar  Percussion
Kevin Barrett  –  Guitar  Vocals
Jim Bish  –  Sax  Flute  Vocals
Ian de Souza  –  Bass
Rakesh Tewari  –  Drums